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How to Eliminate Acne and scars

How to Eliminate Acne - A lot of problems that arise in our face, one of them is facial acne. Acne makes us confident when we hang out with a friend - our friend. I just wanted to really cover our faces while hanging out with your friends - we are to avoid being seen.
There's only one problem arising from this acne, but also there are problems sequel. Although we've cure acne from your face, but there is still too stubborn acne scars. So, even though we've been spared from acne, but the aura of us still blotchy face. Then how to remove acne scars? find the answer in a previous article on how to remove acne scars.
For now it itself has a lot of products - beauty products on the market to eliminate acne from your face with varying prices. However, do not you see how much, but rather quality. However, for myself, I prefer a natural way to get rid of acne from your face, why? Because of this natural way is more secure when compared to products - beauty products that many in the market. Product - the product if it does not fit with our face, instead will damage the skin. Well, here I will share how to get rid of acne fast.
Get rid of acne naturally
How To Overcome Acne
Get enough sleep
Not many people know if one of the causes of acne is stress and lack of sleep. Therefore, in order to avoid facial acne then you sleep enough. With enough sleep, the metabolism in our body will regularly, so jerawatnyapun acne and scars will fade. You need to remember, too, that if you are deprived of sleep, then the disease is already lined up for menghinggap another party in your body.
Do not break the acne
Many people are itching hand if you have acne and eager to solve it. However, it is not the right way, solve acne broken even when it is not time will actually make your acne scars spread multiply and difficult to remove. Especially if you solve this acne condition dirty hands, would be more severe.
Cleaning the face regularly
Cleaning the face regularly is a must if you do not want acne. By regularly cleaning your face, then you've killed and reduces germs that cause acne. Not only spared from acne course, you also will be spared the face of blackheads, so that the aura of your face look more fresh and bright cheery.
Natural ingredients to get rid of acne on the face
Tips to get rid of acne with aloe vera
Who does not know with aloe vera, a plant that benefits are undoubtedly for health and beauty. In fact, today many beauty industry is using aloe vera as a raw material. To get rid of your existing acne on the face with aloe, you only need to peel of aloe vera gel and then take. Use of the gel as a mask face, leave on for 10-15 minutes then rinse with water.
Treat acne with garlic
Not many herbs thought indeed if this one is also beneficial to get rid of acne and acne scars on the face of your existing. For how pemakaiannyapun quite simple you just need to slice a few cloves of garlic, then rub it on your face. Allow the first semala approximately 10-15 minutes before you rinse. To obtain satisfactory results, do these tips on a regular basis.
Treating acne with lime juice
Not only for eye care and to moisturize the skin only. This fruit also can you utilize to eliminate existing acne and scars on the face you. Cut some lemon, then squeeze the water up to quite a lot. Apply water to the parts contained pimples and scars on your face, then let stand for about 15 minutes and rinse with clean water. Do not be surprised if at first you feel sore smearing on your face, it is the effect of lemon juice to relieve itching and acne scars on your face.
Remove acne with egg white
For those of you who are not disgusted with tips that you should try this one. How, break a few eggs and separate the yolk and the egg white. Take the egg whites only, shake - shake briefly and apply on your face. Before rinsing, leave beforehand about - about 10-15 minutes.
Treating acne with Cucumber
Cucumber is a vegetable that contains a lot of water which, if consumed, can prevent dehydration. Additionally cucumber contains substances such as Vitamin B, Vitamin C, iron, etc., which is also good for skin health. How to?
if acne is still a little
If the acne on your face still small in number, you just bullet slicing cucumber into thin sections. After that you paste on the skin that have acne, then let stand for 20-30 minutes after the wash with water.
If acne is already widely
different if the amount of acne on your face is a lot, then the way is different. First you prepare the cucumber, then wash the cucumber until completely clean, then puree with grated way or in a blender. Then make a mask, leave on for 20-30 minutes. Finally, you wash the cucumber mask with water.
Drink plenty of water
Do you know if about 70% of our body is water? Therefore, no wonder if many people are advised to consume enough water. The white water can moisturize your skin, thus acne scars will not spread anywhere - where.
Well, that's some How to Eliminate Acne and scars. Perhaps you also have tips or questions related to this, for that, I beg to write dikolom comment below. A few tips from me, may be useful to you.

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