Friday, June 19, 2015

How to Maintain Ideal Weight To Not Take

Having achieved the target of ideal weight, now you have to do is maintain it. Because there is little dieters who actually gained weight after Tergat ideal weight is reached.

Researchers found that the majority of the return of body weight occurred shortly after weight loss first. So how do I keep the weight so as not to rise again? With the right methods, you can keep your weight remains stable. Here are some tips that you can try.

How to Maintain Weight

Periodically check Weight
By regularly checking the weight will not make you cheated and can monitor the progress of the increase or decrease in weight. Make a check every week. But do not think much about the little things, the weight up and down from 0.5 to 1.5 kg in a week or even a day is normal.

Remove the Stress and Sleep Enough
Stress and lack of sleep is one of the causes of weight gain. So avoid stress and get minmal sleep 8 hours every day. You also can apply relaxation techniques with yoga.

Keep fixed pattern of food
Although it is now your weight has gone down, does not mean freedom back to eating anything. Avoid foods and drinks are unhealthy cause of obesity such as soft drinks, sweet drinks, snacks, junk food and the like. Healthy and balanced diet can help control caloric intake and maximizing the input of vitamins and minerals.

Physical activities such as exercise can lose weight and keep it stable. In addition, exercise provides many health benefits for the body. Do exercise like cardio, lift weights, circuit training and yoga alternately or combine them to avoid boredom.

Maintaining a healthy weight not only prevent weight gain, but also can improve the quality of life becomes more healthy. All you have to do is discipline in many ways. Good luck!

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