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How To Lose Weight In a Week Until 7kg

How to lose weight in a week is not impossible and could have done with a little sacrifice. You can lose weight 2.5 kg to 7 kg if committed to do so. The results of course depends on how much work is done. The key is determination and a strong will to get a slim body ideal.

Diet success rate depends on the culprit. If you get bored or can not apply the rules of the diet then certainly your diet will fail and will not get the results on target. Because most people are excited at the beginning and then give up when live.

How To Lose Weight Of Week

How to Lose Weight
Ideally weight can be decreased between 1.5 kg - 2.5 kg or even 7kg at the weekend. After that just how you maintain the ideal body weight. As quoted from, the following details of the first day until the seventh day proram you should do.

The First Day
The first day is a very important day in the diet. Because of all the old habits changed and of course requires some adaptation. Start the day by consuming fruits and watery light. Throughout the day you can only eat water-rich fruits, except bananas. You can also drink enough water to

prevent dehydration.

Day Two If you want to lose weight 7 kg, then you should be on a strict diet of vegetables. Consumption of various colors of vegetables. To process it should be boiled or can be consumed raw as a salad. Do not process by frying or pan-fried.
To add variety, you can add potatoes. But how to process it should also be steamed or boiled. Do not forget to keep the consumption of water at least eight glasses a day.

The Third Day
Combine vegetables and fruits to be more colorful. You can consume three times or more a day. Do not add potatoes or banana if you want to lose weight by 7 kg. Drinking water intake remain as the previous day to avoid dehydration.

The Fourth Day
Today you can only eat bananas and milk. Bananas can be processed into anything except fried, such as a banana milkshake or consumed directly. Remember, only the second of this menu is allowed.

Fifth Day
On the fifth day usually you already feel a difference and a bit lighter. You should consume 5 tablespoons of rice. Add 7-8 pieces of raw or stewed tomatoes. You can eat rice twice in the morning and afternoon. For the night should not eat rice. Increase your water intake.

Sixth Day
Full breakfast with protein, for lunch the consumption of rice 5 spoons with vegetable side dish alone.

Seventh Day
The last day of your diet can still consume 5 spoons of rice with vegetables and fresh fruits.

Now you can check your weight, how many kg weight successfully you trim?

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