Wednesday, June 17, 2015

How to Lose Weight in a Week Naturally

annoyed that expensive dress you prepared to attend a special event next week was not fit anymore in the body? Choice you have to do is shopping for clothes once again with you now or decrease the size of 2 to 3 kilos in a week so it was pretty dress fit back in your body. Then how to lose weight in a week? Follow the guidelines below!

Lose weight in a week, is it possible?

All you have to do first before applying lose badanadalah motivate themselves and instill positive thoughts that your efforts will not be in vain. Here are the steps ..

lose weight in a week
lose weight in a week


Look into your refrigerator and get rid of instant food, frozen pizzas, canned food, and all food is labeled. Go shopping to the market and replace processed foods with fresh fruits and vegetables are also other raw food materials so you have to cook if you want to eat something.

By treating yourself daily diet, you will be able to ensure that the food you eat is made from fresh ingredients and cooked with healthy. That way you will be able to weight control.

healthy foods to lose weight
healthy foods to lose weight


Monday's time you start a routine activity back and one way to lose weight in a week naturally is to reduce high-calorie diet. Ideally, the food you eat in a day should not exceed 1500 calories to lose weight is not increased.


Increase consumption of fiber that you can get from fruits and vegetables on the third day of your diet. You can eat fruits and vegetables that are directly or processed into prayer and other vegetable dishes.

lose weight in a week, sports
lose weight in a week, sports


After work during the day take some time to burn off the calories by exercising your hobby over the years. Besides, keep your body fit, exercise plays an important role in weight loss while stimulating endorphins that make you feel happy.


One method effective diet can be done with a program of removing toxins from our bodies by eating fruit and vegetable juices. Fruits and vegetables contain a variety of nutrients and vitamins which are beneficial to the health of the body and have the effect of streamlining the body. As an added bonus your skin will look more smooth and bright.


Increase consumption of water to keep your body adequately hydrated and detoxification processes can run more smoothly. Drink plenty of water can also be a way to lose weight in a week is effective because you'll feel full longer.

drinking water to help you lose weight
drinking water to help you lose weight


On the last day, you are guaranteed ready wear a beautiful party dress your back and ready to be a star at such a special moment because lean body thanks to your hard work. Congratulations and continue your diet lean body ideal that remain yours.

How to lose weight in a week can be an inspiration to lifestyles and healthy eating. Furthermore, try to go on with the steps above so that you can still look at the ideal body shape on numerous occasions.

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